In the race for Waukegan’s 6th Ward, challenger Brendan Stewart and incumbent Keith E Turner are vying for the seat.

Stewart is small business operator who owned a business involved in regulatory matters which gives him experience in government. He also serves on the City of Waukegan Community Development Block Grants board and is an active search and rescue pilot for the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

Stewart says he is committed to accountability, environmental protectionm, education, creating economic opportunity and advocating for a progressive tax system which seeks to take the burden off of working families. He also recognizes the need to improve public safety in Waukegan and offers a holistic approach to stop crime before it starts.

Incumbent Keith Turner has taken good positions on some issues facing Waukegan and appreciate his opposition to the move to make Alderman at-large and reduce the number to six. Still, we are troubled by many of Turner’s positions on larger issues.

As we reported, Turner held a fundraiser at a gun range. Also as reported, Turner advocated for people to donate their hard earned money to the legal defense of George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin. Turner also holds a set of unfortunate and extreme attitudes about our society. It is difficult to look past this in a Democratic primary.

We see Brendan Stewart as very capable to represent the ward and he is endorsed.