Keith Turner Opposes Democrats and is a Threat to Our Community

Keith Turner is currently the Alderman of Waukegan’s 6th Ward. Now Turner is running for the Lake County Board as a Democrat against incumbent Mary Ross Cunningham. Turner has shown again and again through his own words and actions that his values are in stark contrast and total opposition to those of the Democratic Party. Keith now wants you to think he shares your values… he is trying to fool you.

Support for George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin

In 2012, 17 year old Trayvon Martin was just walking home after purchasing a bag of Skittles. George Zimmerman who was engaging in racial profiling and vigilantism, accosted Trayvon and shot him in the confrontation. Zimmerman was charged with the murder and a court case ensued. Keith Turner contributed money to Zimmerman’s legal defense fund and on his Facebook, urged others to do the same. Turner stated, “I just sent a contribution. Hope you will do the same.”

Turner attacking the Democratic Party

The shocking ignorance Turner has shown is stunning and speaks for itself.

Taking the side of Trump on immigration

Turner has repeatedly verbalized anti-immigration sentiment, often in support of former President Donald J Trump. One such example was in response to a news article he shared. That article advocated for Trump to impose martial law in order to stop immigration. Turner shared it adding, “Just do it!”

Fundraiser at Gun Range

As we reported, candidate Turner held his first fundraiser at a gun range. While we continue to have mass casualty attacks in this country where children are shot in schools, black people just trying to buy groceries are shot by an armed racist and people just trying to ride the subway to work are shot, Turner at his fundraiser invites supporters to “get two mags from the binary AR-15.”

Keith Turner is Unqualified to Hold Public Office

Integrity needs to be the foundation of serving in elected office. On its face, running as a Democrat when your beliefs are totally opposed means that a candidate is attempting to fool voters. Keith Turner is trying to fool you.

We believe that Turner’s advocacy for dangerous guns is a threat to our community and his intolerance of people who immigrate here is abhorrent. Turner’s shocking attitudes and failure to comprehend even basic facts makes him manifestly unqualified to serve on the Lake County Board, or any other position of responsibility.

Please vote NO!