Hosted by the Shields, Moraine and West Deerfield Township Republican organizations, the “Let’s Snow, Brandon” Holiday Party at Silo in Lake Bluff was purportedly a huge success.

According to their facebook page, the Lake County GOP thanked Chairman Mark Shaw for his talk which included “the new Democrat gerrymandered maps and how competitive the GOP can and will be in Illinois in 2022, given the abysmal failure of Illinois Democrats in leading our state into lawlessness, crime, economic and moral downturn.”

Their statement goes on to claim ” WE’RE LOYAL TO YOU, ILLINOIS! STAYING AND FIGHTING!”

One thing attendees do not appear loyal to is sensible public health measures and therefore each other. Not a mask can be seen in any of the photos. That means attendees did not protect each other from possible exposure to covid-19. At a time when a new successful and rapidly spreading mutation is around, this behavior is without sense.