Ann Taylor Caught LYING About Balanced Budget

Embattled Mayor Ann Taylor has been claiming she “balanced the budget without raising taxes” yet her budget is in the red. Her budget calls for spending $7 million dollars more than the city’s revenues which is not balanced.

In the budget devised by Taylor, spending is projected at $245 million with revenue of $238 million. That is a deficit of $7 million dollars. The math here is very simple. The $7 million short fall will come from the city’s cash reserves.

“When a family spends more than they make in a year and dips into their savings to pay the bills, that is not a balanced budget by any measure,” said Jennifer Monetmayer CFP. “The city of Waukegan should not call their budget balanced any more than a family who is paying regular bills with their savings.”

Alderwoman Sylvia Bolton took issue with the figures and referring to this as a balanced budget. Mayor Taylor called her “confused.”

The city has been relying on public act money from the federal government over the past three years and that $19 million has now run out. Without that cash infusion from the Biden administration, the last three annual budgets would have been in deficit territory just like this one.

Taylor’s use of the claim “balanced budget” is flatly dishonest. She has increased fees on residents and small business since taking office and jacked up spending year after year.

Residents deserve honesty from public servants, not false claims of success.