Jacob Firestone, 19, of Highland Park and Nicholas M. Caban, 20 also of Highland Park have now been charged with 2nd degree murder in the violent confrontation with Matthew Ascaridis, 45 of Fort Sheridan.

At approximately 1:00am last September, police received a call of excessive noise occurring at the Fort Sheridan Beach. The complaint was made by Ascaridis, who owns a residence on the beach front. An officer with the Lake County Forest Preserve responded but found no one present at the scene. He did however notice an empty wheelbarrow at the beach.

Around 5:12am that same morning, a person walking on the lake front called police to report finding a deceased man. The Highland Park police responded to the 0-100 block of Cliff Road and confirmed that the deceased person was Ascaridis.

Around 5:23am, Caban called 911 and notified that he and Firestone had been in an altercation with a man at the beach, according to reports. Upon arrival at Caban’s home at the 3400 block of Dato Avenue, the Highland Park police found Firestone in the front yard.

Caban had a black eye and multiple contusions. According to his attorney, Firestone was hit in the head with a flashlight during the confrontation, resulting in a brain bleed. He was transported to Evanston Hospital where he underwent surgery.

An inspection of Caban’s home by police revealed the wheelbarrow that the Forest Preserve Officer noticed at the scene of the altercation. Officers noticed a red substance on the wheelbarrow, believing it to be blood. They also found a 9mm Glock handgun with the serial numbers scratched off.

Caban was charged with one count of unlawful possession of a firearm without a serial number. Firestone was initially charged with two counts of felony obstructing justice. Both men posted bond and were released.

According to reporting, Lake County Major Crime Task Force Spokesman Christopher Covelli stated that Ascaridis went outside to speak to the loud group on the night of the incident at 1:00am. That is when the violent confrontation ensued which resulted in Ascaridis’ death.

Now, prosecutors have filed 2nd degree murder charges against both Caban and Firestone stemming from the incident. On Thursday, Deerfield police took both men into custody. So for, bond has been set for Caban at $2 million dollars. Firestone’s bond has yet to be determined.