Steve Snarski is a candidate for the Lake County Board, running against incumbent Democrat Diane Hewitt. According to his filing with the Illinois State Board of Elections, Snarski lives at his parents’ home and therefore doesn’t have the responsibility of a property tax bill in his name.

Snarski’s campaign filing lists his address as a single family home in the 300 block of Parmalee in Waukegan. This is also the same address associated with his voter file. According to BlockShopper and Trulia, this is a 2000 sq foot home purchased by Steve’s parents Nicholas P. and Jill A. Snarski in 1994 with no property transfers since that time. Snarski’s voter file shows no other address associated with his voting history. The vote file also shows his parents currently registered at the same address.

A Commissioner on the Lake County Board makes important financial decisions which have direct impact on working families. It requires preparation and an amount of life experience.

Steve Snarski is a 32 year old who has always lived in his parents’ home and as such, does not know first hand the responsibility that comes with home ownership, including the challenge associated with a tax bill due arriving in your name.

While Snarski may have some political relationships which has helped him in his bid to become an elected County Board Member, he lacks the foundation and experience necessary to make decisions affecting our property tax bills. How can his votes have credibility regarding bills he does not have to pay while the rest of us do?

He should spend some time out in the world and gain some experience. Perhaps then, Steve Snarski will come to understand what it is like to walk a mile in our shoes.