LAKE COUNTY, IL — The Lake County Circuit Clerk’s Office anticipates 45 percent of all registered voters will have cast their ballot before Election Day.

As of Thursday, nearly half of the 167,105 registered voters who’d requested a mail-in ballot had returned it to the clerk’s office. The 85,323 who’ve returned their mail-in ballots for this election far exceeds the 32,055 who voted by mail in 2016.

And 89,687 people have voted early—which is close to surpassing the 91,400 voters who cast their ballot early in 2016

The main issues at the polls and with voting so far have been lines and wait times at various locations, Todd Govain, chief deputy clerk for the Lake County Clerk’s Office, told Patch. Crowds are expected on Election Day but “nothing overwhelming” since so many people will have cast their ballot prior to that day.

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