Waukegan — In a poll conducted by The Crazy Riot Show regarding the upcoming mayoral election, the results show a significant lead for Sam Cunningham. According to the poll, Cunningham received the nod from 70% of the respondents.

The survey, which included a diverse sample of voters, highlights Sam Cunningham’s widespread appeal and resonance with the community. Voters cited Cunningham’s vision for positive change, strong leadership qualities, and commitment to addressing city issues as key factors influencing their support.

Incumbent mayor Ann Taylor finds herself at the bottom, coming in at just 2% of those polled. Taylor’s numbers reflect a clear shift in voter sentiment, indicating trouble for her election bid.

Miguel Rivera and Keith Turner, the other two announced candidates in the race, are positioned in spots above the incumbent.

Waukegan residents are closely following the evolving political landscape, and the poll results are anticipated to shape the narrative leading up to the upcoming election. As the candidates intensify their campaigns, the Waukegan mayoral race is poised to be a closely watched and hotly contested contest.

Source: 2025 Waukegan Mayors Race gets more interesting!