Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III stands accused firing over 70 rounds from a rooftop into a parade last July 4th in Highland Park. 7 people were killed and dozens more were injured. The then 21 year old Crimo was charged with 21 counts of first-degree murder. He has pled not guilty.

In December of 2022, his father Robert Crimo, Jr. was charged with seven counts of reckless conduct stemming from his signing of a FOID card for his son three years before the incident.

According to reports, the elder Crimo denied any responsibility in the matter, agreed to sign the application, which came after the police interacted with the son. In the report, the younger Crimo said “he was going to kill everyone” in the family. Also in reporting, police checked on the accused shooter after he attempted to commit suicide with a machete.

The trial for the father, Robert Crimo, Jr. is set to begin this fall as decided by a judge handling the case. “I’m somewhat bound and determined that we’re gonna go to trial in October or early November,” Lake County Judge George Strickland said at a hearing for Robert Crimo Jr. “I’m gonna move you along, fair warning.”