Dr. Kelly Pinter is a candidate for School District 95 Board. She is a Senior Lecturer of Criminal Justice and Sociology at Carroll University, parent of two children in District 95 and a graduate of Lake Zurich High School. Her dedication to academic excellence combined with her platform, makes her well qualified to serve.

She has a well considered and comprehensive set of principles to guide her service. As a board member, Pinter’s focus involves: strengthening school safety, closing achievement gaps, promoting a rigorous curriculum through education about our global world, encouraging service learning, increasing community engagement, upholding a balanced budget and ensuring all students succeed.

Candidate Statement:
I’m a first generation college student. I knew the statistics and I was aware that I was less likely to earn a degree than my peers who had parents who attended college. I was determined to make my way up from an Associate’s degree at CLC to a PhD. I had to show my kids that moms can do anything. I think the reason I was able to do it was because I always had a partner and mentors who believed in equity. My husband valued my career as equal to his and always cared for the kids as much as I did. My mentors reminded me that even with two small children under five, that I was still capable of writing that dissertation. They told me that in between feeding my baby and trips to the park, to write, write, write.

Equity is a core value of District 95, but it’s also a core value of my family and my mindset. I truly believe in this core value and will make sure that it is central to every move I make as your D95 board member.