William C King is running against incumbent Democrat Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg, who has proven effective leadership and commitment to community as well as our shared values.

In a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters, challenger William King indicated he wants to work with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement if elected.

During the forum, when asked about ICE, King replied, “I believe we should have a relationship with every law enforcement entity.”

Customs enforcement is not under the jurisdiction of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office or any other local law enforcement agency. In spite of this, King continued on the topic.

Specifically in relation to immigration, he added, “Due to where we are in our nation.. in our county, there are things we need to be on top of but we are not. We need to work together and we are not.”

His commentary can be viewed here… https://youtu.be/iiW7vZbl0hM

Lake County is home to a significant Latinx population of people who work hard, enrich the fabric of our community and make a real contribution. King’s beliefs are clearly out of step and indifferent to an important part of our Lake County Community.