What is 660%? That is the percent of new daily cases since our inflection point on 6/15. We have long heard a lot of emphasis on positivity rate. PR is largely a reflection of how much testing is being done. It is also very heterogenous. The more important number is and has always been daily new cases. With our trend of higher highs and higher lows, is it even necessary to do a 7day MAVG? No.

High degree of likelihood that here in Illinois, we are on track for a BIG surge. Unfortunately there was nothing particularly challenging to predict here. Where are the red alerts? WEAR YOUR MASK INSIDE, maintain social distance, wash your hands.. STAY OUT OF BARS.. DON’T HAVE EXTENDED FAMILY GATHERINGS! In the spring, we acted in unison, then many stopped and now SARS-CoV-2 is winning. You deserve your health, your future and the people with comorbidties are counting on us.